The Arcane Bear is a highly-popular Steemit account that now is reaching for new heights with their new website. They aim to be a decentralized media center for everything related to cryptocurrencies, ground-breaking financial technology, and anarcho-capitalist activism. They also keep up with the latest ICO offerings to give their user base an edge of investing.

Tijo, the CEO and main personality behind The Arcane Bear, has been featured at events like Anarchapulco and Steemit meet up groups in Panama & Costa Rica. He lives in Costa Rica and he is interested in traveling, art, and technology.

What is the Arcane Bear Council?

The Arcane Bear Council came from the vision of CEO Tijo himself. This community will consist of exceptional individuals that are not afraid to question the norm and spread new ideas that can really make a change. This council is the base of The Arcane Bear brand and includes influencers from the cryptocurrency industry.

The mission of the council is to diligently and intelligently spread information about Bitcoin, blockchain technology, and other amazing financial technology projects. They believe that such blockchain-based innovations will give power back to the people by decentralizing wealth and information. They will emphasize how such technology can make an impact on the world, not including the investment potential.

The Arcane Bear HQ

Their headquarters, also known as The Bear Cave, is based in the lushest part of Costa Rica. They have an endless supply of fruit trees to allow for self-sufficiency, which includes lemons, oranges, bananas and other amazing tropical fruits. They stay off the grid with solar technology in this small, low-government country.

Costa Rica was an ideal location to set up their base since local laws have encouraged foreign investment with low costs and ease of purchasing a property. The HQ is owned under the corporation name for a better sense of privacy and legal protection rather than having it registered as an individual.

Tijo did not pick Costa Rica as his first home base since he lived in Guatemala for a significant amount of time. The low government, vibrant nature, and the art scene attracted him to relocate to this country. Constructing The Bear Cave was even easier than in his home country due to the lack of building codes and cheap costs.

Arial Image of the Costa Rican Jungle Headquarters


Their Videos

Written media is not the only specialty of the Arcane Bear website, they also launched a regular Youtube series. The podcast is the perfect form of communication to bring the community together and to share some interesting content.

Whenever possible, they invite big names from the cryptocurrency industry to share the latest information on startups, blockchain technology, hard-forks, and anything going on in the market.

Their Youtube channel is picking up as one of the more popular cryptocurrency & freedom channels on the internet. They currently have 21,000 subscribers of like-minded individuals that want to learn more about what Tijo and other members of the community have to offer.

Some of the channel’s most-watched videos include:

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  • “Bitcoin $40,000 by Summer!?NEO-OMG-ADEX”
  • “Women In Crypto: Pamelyn Chee Talks Bitcoin Paypie & Clif High” <div id="info" class="style-scope ytd-video-primary-info-renderer"> </div>