The Gig Economy had been popularized by the likes of SEOClerks or Fiverr and many clones are trying to make it big within the Gig Economy. What stands out from the rest is CoinVet, which gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to pay for gigs using cryptocurrency.

If you need a job done, you may simply submit a gig with the minimum price of 0.0025 BTC and you will receive bids from numerous industry experts within the network. The only thing that you need to do is pick the best professional from the pile of applications to get your project started.


How will your job be propagated to the right professional?

What is unique about the CoinVet system is that there are actual humans that receive a financial incentive in order to promote your post. The system names these people as “recommenders” that will get a sliver of a bounty if they successfully recommend the application to the right person.

CoinVet also has an automated vetting process that will put the best applications at the top of the pile so that job creators will save time. Although unlikely with their vetting process, unsatisfied jobs will be refunded in the favor of the job poster.

Which Industries are Compatible with CoinVet?

The flexibility of CoinVet is not much different from other freelancing platforms, including Odesk or Fiverr. Jobs may be posted in any niche that can conceivably use the help of a remote worker.

Jobs that you may post include:

  • Copywriting
  • Programming
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Customer Support
  • Legal Jobs
  • Local Jobs (construction, repair, etc…)
  • Engineering
  • Architecture

Are There any Fees Involved?

There is no platform that is not void of any fees. Platforms like Odesk take hefty cuts from the freelancer and they provide very minimal customer support and and no vetting. The 20% that Coinvet takes will be justified with their vetting process and the propagation of your job listing.

The remaining 80% of the bounty will not be touched by CoinVet and will be received by the freelancer and the recommender (if applicable). If the payment is sent out via Bitcoin, there will be no fees paid at the end of the freelancer since they use Coinbase’s system to distribute payments.

CoinVet is a Better International Option?

Considering that so many countries are out of reach of traditional payment services like Paypal, the option to receive Bitcoin may seem like a blessing. Other freelancing marketplaces will offer payout via Payoneer or their own pre-paid debit cards, but they also take out hefty transaction fees and effectively reducing the freelancer’s salary.

A transaction with Bitcoin will be straightforward and is typically much less than other payment options and it gives power to the freelancer over their own finances. They can exchange the received Bitcoins for cash, save it, invest in other cryptocurrencies or buy products online. The possibilities continue to open up to the developing world as the Bitcoin economy advances.


CoinVet is still in the early stages but it may be one of the best opportunities to get into since Fiverr. Whether you are a freelancer or a business owner in need of labor, sign up for an account
with no strings attached.